Welcome to the Sligo Creek Gourmet!

WELCOME to the new page for the Sligo Creek Gourmet! Whether you are already a longtime friend, or just a (hopefully) new friend, thanks for stopping by.

The purpose of the SCG is to share some of the amazing products that I've seen in my travels, that are either hard to find, or hard to find at a reasonable price, here in Maryland and the DC area as a whole.

We're a small operation, so we'll never be a one stop shop (or even a "shop" in the truest sense - we'll deliver items to you!) What we do offer is to stand by our personal recommendation of every single thing we offer. I have introduced a lot of people to various foods and drinks, particularly chocolate, and if we don't love it and personally recommend it, we're not carrying it.

Because of our setup, you will also find that our prices are almost always lower than ones you can find on the open market. If you find a better price on something we sell, please let me know!

This is a work in progress, so if there's something we can do for you, say the word, and we'll do our best. In the mean time, have a look around, and bon appetit!