All about the Sligo Creek Gourmet

The mission of the Sligo Creek Gourmet is to bring products to Montgomery County (and the greater Washington area) that are unique, "fun" things, but are hard to find in the immediate area at a reasonable price.

The goal of SCG is not to take over the world, nor even to make a huge profit. It's just a way to connect friends and neighbors with some fantastic products that they wouldn't otherwise be able to get. We are starting with just a few products, but if this whole thing works out, we'll expand that. (There's a list of 30 more "prospects", and we're always interested in your suggestions and needs, too!)

We do not have a storefront, so all products will be delivered or shipped to you.

We do not carry perishable items (everything we sell has a shelf life of at least nine months and meets the Maryland definition of "non-hazardous" from a food safety standpoint). (If you have a need for such a product, a local food service provider has graciously allowed us to store small amounts of food items, when needed, so that we meet county and state legal requirements to sell it.)

If you want to know more about a product that we do sell, contact us! I'll talk your ear off about it, and if you're nearby, samples aren't out of the question.

If you want us to special order a product, let us know that too and we'll do the research for you.

We are a small operation, and we keep our overhead low. As a thank you for the flexibility in getting your orders to you, we pass along the money we save to you. You'll see that our prices are among the lowest around for what we offer, always below suggested retail prices.

Thanks again for stopping into our virtual store, and we hope to see you again soon!