Taste of Gourmet Pies

We have pie!!! This is a little bit outside of our usual realm, but the crack SCG staff were blown away by the southern style pies from Taste of Gourmet, based in Mississippi, and thought it would be a neat thing to bring to you. We are offering a limited line, on a trial basis, so please do let us know if there's something that they have, that you'd like to get from us!

The way Taste of Gourmet works is that you get a mix...but it's easier than it sounds from there. ALL you have to provide are a store bought pie crust, and eggs, plus milk and/or butter. Mix it with a spoon, heat, and you're done. We decided that this was a like a Trader Joe's almost ready to eat meal, but way, way better.

We are offering Southern Praline, Mississippi Delta Fudge, Mississippi Mud, and Grand Old Chess Pies for $7.00 each.

For more information, and to see their other offerings, go to:


(This link takes you to the pie list, but feel free to navigate to the others) Once again, please tell me if you'd like us to carry any of their other products!