Ajiri Tea

The SCG is now carrying Ajiri Tea and Coffee, direct from Kenya.

I was introduced to Ajiri Tea this summer by its founder, Sara Holby, who casually invited us in for a spot of tea at the food show. It was a hot day, so I wasn't craving hot, black tea, but the tea was fantastic, and the story of it was even more refreshing.

The word "Ajiri" means 'to employ' in Swahili, and it was born out of the realization that a village that had at one time grown dependent on aid from an NGO that dried up. The decision was made that the community would be better off harnessing the talent and resources available locally to them, in a sustainable way, rather than relying on others to bring things to them, in a sometimes unreliable fashion.

Sara and her family leveraged existing connections they had in the area to set up a tea cooperative, in the highlands of Kenya, about halfway between Nairobi and Lake Victoria. The tea is sourced locally, and women in the villages (about 40, at last count) are employed making the most amazing packaging that I have ever seen on any food product - handmade scenes of daily life in Africa - EVERY LABEL IS DIFFERENT. The packaging is made from Banana Bark, water hyacinth (invasive in Lake Victoria), and recycled paper. This is not your typical store bought tea.

I am excited to carry Ajiri Tea and Coffee, and I think that it will make a fantastic gift idea for any tea drinker, particularly for the winter holidays, but they also have refreshing teas (mango, lemon, etc.) that will be excellent during the summer. We will initally carry tea bags and coffee beans, but if there is a demand for loose tea (or for ground coffee), say the word, and we'll make it happen!

The SCG is offering Ajiri Tea Bags, in Black Tea, Rooibos (Red Bush), and Black Tea with Mango, for $7.00 each. (Each handcrafted box contains 16 tea bags.).
The SCG is offering 1 pound bags of coffee beans for $12.00.

For more info: www.ajiritea.com