Sligo Creek Gourmet Policies

Here are just a few things to make sure that everyone stays happy and legal:

The Sligo Creek Gourmet accepts Credit Cards (Amex, MasterCard and Visa), Cash, and Checks. All things being equal to you, that is our order of preference. (Credit Cards make our lives a lot easier!)

We use the Square Application (seen in many small stores) to process credit cards, so we will not retain your credit card information.

All sales are final. Returns will only be accepted if an order was delivered or shipped incorrectly, and the item is returned unopened and undamaged.

All orders are subject to the 6% Maryland sales tax. Orders shipped outside of Maryland may be exempt.

Prices, items, and policies are subject to change at any time by the sole discretion of the Sligo Creek Gourmet. We will make every effort to notify our customers of key changes.

Shipping costs will be verified by the Sligo Creek Gourmet before shipping, the customer has the right to withdraw their order if they do not agree with the shipping quote.

Every effort will be made to fit items into a USPS Priority Mail Package.

Liquid products may incur additional shipping costs.

The Sligo Creek Gourmet is not responsible for damages while shipping, including temperature sensitive items such as chocolate. We will work to include insulation, at cost, when necessary for shipping.