Stuff we like

Around the neighborhood

Velatis Caramels is a caramel shop that has been in existence (almost) continuously for over 160 years! Currently located in downtown Silver Spring, this amazing shop puts together some of the best caramels (in soft and harder forms) around! Past customers of the shop include the Wilsons (yes, the guy that the bridge you hear about in the traffic reports is named after). They also make a mean toffee cookie!

J. Chocolatier is home to the best fleur de sel caramel truffles on the planet. They also make homemade chocolate bars and cookies. We highly recommend the Pink salt Milk Chocolate Bar. You can order from the web site, or at their occasional pop up shops in Washington, DC.

Pitango Gelato is no longer the new kid on the block anymore, but with a special emphasis on quality ingredients (dairy from PA Dutch Country, almonds from Sicily, etc.), they are going to be around for awhile. I've always said that they are the second best gelato I've ever had (#1 was in Rome, but Pitango is better than all of the other places in Rome.)

Not in town

Mount Desert Island Ice Cream (Portland & Bar Harbor, Maine)

Red's Eats (Lobster Rolls) and Lear's Old Fashioned Ice Cream in Wiscasset, Maine

Not places at all

The Jerusalem Cookbook has obtained cult status in our neighborhood, and I've got to admit, the stuff in there is quite good!