Raaka Chocolate

I am incredibly honored to be the first outlet in the Washington, DC area (or anywhere within 100 miles of it, for that matter) to carry Raaka's amazing line of chocolates. I freely admit that it was their beautiful packaging that first caught my eye, but the flavors like vanilla rooibos weren't far behind.

Raaka produces "Virgin Chocolate." This simply means that the cocoa beans are not roasted, which allows for stronger flavors to come through. To me, their final product is like taking the best parts of some strong flavored chocolates (think Taza, Theo, etc.) and combining with the fantastic texture of the best known fine bars (think Cluizel, Pralus, etc.), to get a perfect blend of flavor and texture.

They just (this week) came out with a Vegan Milk Chocolate Bar, using coconut milk, that has garnered a ton of interest in the chocolate lover community. You could be the first to try it!

Throw in their commitment to fair trade and green practices from farm to point of sale, and you've got a simply amazing, sustainable delicacy.

We carry:

71% with Sea Salt
Vanilla Rooibos
Vegan Milk Chocolate
Black Coffee (small bar)
Bourbon Cask Aged (small bar)
85% dark (Small bar)

For more info: http://www.raakachocolate.com/virgin-chocolate/

The Sligo Creek Gourmet is offering the regular bars for $6.00, and the small "nibbler" bars for $4.00. This is well below the price we have seen in stores in the New York area.