Jelly Belly Sport Beans

The SCG is now carrying Sport Beans. That's right, Jelly Beans for athletes. Made by your friends at Jelly Belly, these are like a sports drink, or bar. The great thing is that they are way easier to carry than a drink, and they don't dry out your mouth like many of the sports bars do. They also taste pretty darn good! We here at the SCG regularly take a couple of packets out everytime we go on a long bike ride, jog, or kayak trip. They are great for an initial burst of energy, and then again when you hit the dreaded "wall" and need to make it up that last big hill. Each bag is 1 ounce, and you can fit several in a pocket or very small pouch.

We are carrying all flavors of Sport Beans:

Lemon Lime
Fruit Punch
Extreme Cherry
Extreme Watermelon
Extreme Pomegranate
Extreme Assorted

Pricing for Sport Beans is as follows:
Any single packet is 90¢
An assortment of 12 packets or more is 85¢ per packet
If you buy an entire case of 24 of any flavor, 80¢ per packet, which is $19.20 for the case.

We are also carrying Jelly Belly's new Protein Recovery Crisps, which are like malted milk balls with protein, in the following flavors:

Berry Smoothie

Pricing for the Protein Crisps is as follows:
Any single 1.5 ounce packet is $1.80
An assortment of 6 packets or more is $1.70 per packet
If you buy an entire case of 12 of any flavor, $1.60 per packet, which is $19.20 for the case.

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